About Life’s Little Lessons To Go

From the Circle Square TV Show, seen on TBN for over 20 years, comes Life’s Little Lessons To Go.

Circle Square TV show photoCircle Square TV show photo

A note from the Producer / Writer

These stories were part of a children’s television series called “Circle Square” produced by the Crossroads Television System, that ran for over twenty years all over the world, and now they have been made available to this generation digitally for private and public use.

In our fast paced world, where the values we’ve held dearly are quickly being eroded, “Life’s Little Lessons to go” is a tool to help train our kids to think for themselves, and to instill in them, values of timeless truth.

To the groups and families who will use the library and to the casts, the crews, and to the Director and Producer, John and Maggie Spalding, and the production team it took to create this product, wherever you all are,

God Bless,

Jana Lyn

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