“Telling Secrets”

Can anybody be trusted with a secret?! "Douglas" confided in his friend "Harry" his deepest, darkest secret. Harry said his lips were sealed! Soon after, the secret was all over town all because Harry could not be trusted. In this story you will understand what it means to keep a secret.

“Working Together”

A TV crew tries to work together to produce the best show they can, but the lead actress causes trouble by spontaneously adding singing, wanting to be discovered as a star. Learn how to work together to accomplish goals in this video.

“Being Yourself”

In today’s celebrity-focused world, we are told that we need to be like the famous people we see on the big screen, but in this video, a Princess is looking for someone who has the courage to be himself.
Circle SquareFrom the Circle Square TV Show,
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comes Life's Little Lessons To Go.